Midori Ceramic Cardboard & Paper Cutter


Unique products developed by Midori for carton unpacking, when expending up to 180 degrees, it can form a semicircular shape and convenient use of easy-to-grip. The cutter's blade is ceramic, resistant to rust, and has excellent durability. It can also cut paper to collect information from newspapers and magazines.

The Ceramic Cutter is small and easy to carry. With its magnetic function, it can stick on metal stuff such as the refrigerator, table, or on the door, which is an essential life tool whether at home or in the office.

☆ Please do not use it on metal or plastic items. The ceramic blade may break and damage if you apply too much force or accidentally drop it.
☆Please keep away from watches, mobile phones, magnetic cards, medical equipment, etc., to not affect the function of items caused to the magnetic force.
☆If it uses to cut paper, it is limited to one single sheet at a time, and the thickness of the paper will relatively affect the cutting efficiency and integrity.
☆If the knife is blunt, please reverse and use it continuously.

Brand Midori

Φ5 cm x 1.25 cm
Appearance Material
ABS, Glass fiber
Blade Material

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