Tsukineko Shunicbebe Portable Ink Pad


Are you worried that the ink pad will accidentally open to contaminate other items? The all-new Tsukineko portable stamper Shuniobebe will solve your troubles! Different from the general flip-type ink pad, Shuniobebe is designed for sliding lids. The cover is not easy to open, so you can take care of it with you.

*Can be used for all kinds of paper (including colored cardboard, postcards, etc.), cloth, wood, etc.

.Drying time:
*3 seconds quick dry on plain paper, the color is clear and vivid.

.Remark: *Please use Shunic quick-drying ink to Refill ink

Brand Tsukineko

Size of ink pad
diameter 2.5cm
Size of case
4.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm

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