Tsukineko Delicata Water-based Ink Pad


Tsukineko Delicata water-based metallic ink pad has vivied and variety of colors. The ink pad contains fine metallic powder, so it flashes slightly under the light, stamped with gilding metal style, which is more realistic than the effect of the normal metallic ink pad.

*Can be used for all kinds of paper (including colored cardboard, postcards, etc.), cloth, wood, etc.

.Drying time:
*10 ~ 15 minutes, the drying time depends on the material, humidity and other factors. *Be sure to dry or use a dryer to accelerate drying when using on cloth or wood material.

*When printed on a fabric that has not been washed, it is recommended that it be washed once before stamped. After the ink is dry, it can be ironed for 15 seconds to increase the fixing effect.
* If the pattern is misprinted or stains the ink on the cloth, wash it with detergent immediately.
* The storage of the ink pad should ensure that the lid is closed in the dark and dry place and the cover is kept directly above.

Brand Tsukineko

Size of ink pad
approximately 7.6cm × 4.7cm
Size of case
9.7cm x 6.7cm x 1.7cm

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