Midori Rotation Stamp (Daily Life)


This paintable stamp with ten adorable cat patterns specially made for the people who love cat. The unique product design ingeniously collects ten expressive cat patterns in the seal. As long as you easily rotate the gear and press down the printing set, you can choose the pattern to decorate the journal or notebook, which is both practical and convenient. The oil-based ink features quick-drying and non-smudged functions; therefore, you can use the water-based color pen on the pattern, to have more fun of it. Let's let the interesting patterns enrich ordinary daily notes!

*The dryness and bleeding of the ink will vary with the paper. Please test before using it.

*The ink pad can use about 2,000 times. If the ink pad hasn't worked for a long time, please remove and store it carefully to avoid drying up. Refill ink has to be purchased separately.

Brand Midori

7.6cm x 4.4cm x 2.6cm

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