Midori Hand Painting Stamp ( Habit Establishment )

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Midori's unique product creativity and ingenuity have designed a variety of hand-painting stamps. As long as you easily press down the stamp, you can easily use the delicate pattern to decorate the journal or notebook, both practical and convenient. The oil-based ink features quick-drying and non-smudged functions; therefore, you can use the water-based color pen on the pattern, to have more fun.
Set goals for yourself and enjoy the accomplishment of habit establishment!

*The dryness and bleeding of the ink will vary with the paper. Please test before using it.

*The stamp is used approximately 1,000 times and can be directly dripped into ink to replenish it. Replenishment ink needs to be purchased separately.

Brand Midori

5cm x 5cm x 1.8cm

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