Y Studio Brassing Series Ruler


Brass ruler by Y studio Brassing series has exquisite and accurate graduation. The ruler gradually shows the gold color of brass after using it for a period of time. The combination of black and gold is the beauty of Y studio Brassing series.

The inspiration of Brassing Series comes from the old camera.
In the past, the brass camera was representative of high quality and luxury. And a well used black camera shows the emergence of the brass where the paint has worn over the years, then you know the owner has gotten a great deal of use from it. Photographers consider the brassings as the symbol of thier profuse experience. The cherishable memories from these blessing traces belong to themselves.

Y Studio is always exploring vanishing culture, devote themselves to linking past memories and modern life, make fine artifacts for whoever is serious with their life.

Brand Y Studio

20cm x 16cm x 0.1cm

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