Dux Sharpener Brass (DX4322)

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Adjustable Brass Sharpener With Leather Case - This brass sharpener can adjust to 3 different types of pencil points by turning the dial ring on top. A small wheel at one end of the sharpener clicks into 3 settings :
Position 1 makes a blunter short cone point for colour pencils.
Position 2 makes a normal standard point for graphite pencils.
Position 3 makes a fine longer point for drawing pencils.

This pencil sharpener included a leather case for protection is stylish but still functional at the same time; blade can be replaced and purchased separately in store.

*Korea is out of the delivery area for this item.

Brand Dux

3.2cm x 1.7cm x 1.2cm
Case - Genuine leather / Sharpener - Brass , stainless steel blade

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