Viking Verso GS 150 Pencil

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Viking Verso GS 150 pencils create accordingly to pay tribute to the pencil manufacturing process craftsmanship. The smooth gray surface and black matte lacquer surface of the pen body represent the soft 4B and HB graphite, which can quickly switch between writing and sketching. It's a convenient pen to meet the multiple needs of creators for notes and drawings at the same time. General users can also convert the different hardness of graphite to bring more convenience.

However, this idea is not Viking's original concept. As early as 1867 at the Paris International Exhibition, Bavarian company Berolzheimer & Illfelder introduced this design idea and subsequently released a graphite pencil with two hardnesses. However, it is not easy to distinguish the type of graphite when getting the lacquer coats and stamping with the double-ended pencils. The difficulty of the manufacturing process makes this pencil gradually disappear. After it has been asleep for nearly 150 years, Viking awakens and presents it to the people.

The Viking Verso GS 150 pencil, which combines fun and multiple functions, is not only a pencil but also a more outstanding contemporary design craft.

Brand Viking

Pencil lead
4B & HB

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