Viarco Vintage Pencil (3500)


To continue the life of original pencils and retain the long-established manufacturing methods and tools of traditional pencils, Viarco reproduced the most classic Portuguese design pencils from the 1940s to 1960s, faithfully presenting the simple and vintage style of the Portuguese pencils in the mid-twentieth century. It lets people's affection and memories of old things can preserve.

The Viarco 3500 vintage pencil with red as the primary body color has the hexagonal edge complemented by thin beige lines. The overall design is graceful; the streamlined body text can feel the hexagonal pencil's solid grip, and its weight is the lighter compare to other vintage pencils. Therefore, it is suitable for long-term and frequent use. It is a simple retro pencil that can feel the elegant woody aroma.

*There will be a pencil package; if you choose any 12 Varico vintage pencils. The pencil package will pick by random with limited quantity.

Brand Viarco

Pencil lead

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