BLACKWING Eras (10th anniversary limited edition)

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Eberhard Faber Pencil Company launched Blackwing in 1930, which is a famous American pencil brand. Among them, Blackwing 602 was highly praised by the original designer of Looney Tunes-John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones and Disney animator Shamus Culhane. It was a staple tool for many influential creators throughout the 1990s.

Although many followers have the reputation and loyalty, Blackwing was still defeated by the wave of cost-cutting in the manufacturing industry, forced to suspend production and disappeared from the market in the 1990s, until Palomino acquired it and revived it in 2010. It lets the new generation further understand this legendary pencil and its great historical significance.

The Blackwing Eras series is a limited edition for Palomino to commemorate its tenth-anniversary revival. It pays tribute to the original design edition issued by Eberhard Faber in the past and celebrates its future. The number of sets of 12 sets inherits the traditional manufacturing concept of the early Blackwing. The HB extra-firm graphite covered with a dark gray barrel, and the dark gold imprint branded on it; a dark gray ferrule surrounded by a gold stripe dotted with red eraser. Blackwing Eras, which exudes a calm and charming atmosphere as a whole, is worthy of permanent collection by those who love it.


*There will be a paper box if you order 12 pencils of the same color, and the paper box at brand of Palomino is limited.

*If the body of the pen and the eraser ferrule have little scratches are normal. Buyers who pursue the perfect quality of goods are recommended to buy at the store.


20cm (eraser included)
The eraser is replaceable

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