BLACKWING Volume XIX (limited edition)

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Since the Declaration of Independence was issued in 1776 and established the nation. The American people have continuously held demonstrations and protests to realize the basic right to vote and even sacrificed their lives. The Amendment XIX passage to the U.S. Constitution is a crucial milestone for American women to win elections and participate in power. The amendment was drafted in 1878 and sent to the states for decision by Congress 41 years later in 1919. With the Tennessee Assembly's approval in August 1920, the amendment finally broke through the constitutional threshold agreed by 3/4 states and completed the constitutional amendment process. The Nineteenth Amendment declares that any state shall not deny or deprive citizens of their right to vote in the United States because of gender.

However, even if Amendment XIX has passed, the voting rights of blacks, natives, Asians, and Latino Americans are still coercively suppressed by violent suppression. Everyone is equal before the right to vote has not yet come in the United States until now.

Blackwing XIX pays tribute to the centennial milestone of Amendment XIX's and women's voting rights. The purple pencil color inspired by the American election flag printed with the white words XIX. The 18 yellow stars on each side of the pen represent the number of states that passed this Amendment. It is also a beautiful symbol of the hope of equal rights.

*There will be a paper box if you order twelve pencils of the same color, and the paper box at the brand of Palomino is limited.

*If the body of the pen and the eraser ferrule have little scratches are normal. Buyers who pursue the perfect quality of goods are recommended to buy at the store.


20cm (eraser included)
The eraser is replaceable

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