BLACKWING Pencil 602


Being called "The Best Pencil Ever Made", PALOMINO BLACKWING 602, a legendary pencil shows its charm with record in the Wikipedia, and a report made by CNN.
The special-formula graphite lead behaves like a B lead but varies in appearance according to pressure – from HB (firm) lead to 4B (soft) lead.
It has a precise point with good point retention and makes a dark grey line. The eraser is replaceable.
BLACKWING has been reproduced to PALOMINO BLACKWING 602 in 2011 after repeatedly studied and tested by the California Republic Stationers.The classic look granted it the title of "adult's pencil," and still favored by creators of fields.

*There will be a paper box if you order 12 pencils of the same color, and the paper box at brand of Palomino is limited.


20cm (eraser included)
The eraser is replaceable.

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