BLACKWING Volume 93 (limited edition)

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Corita Kent is an artist, educator and social justice advocate. During her tenure as chair of the Art Department at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, Corita Kent instructed her students to take a "slow looking" of the world around them, making students learn to slow down and face the world with a new perspective. Influenced by Abstract Expressionism and the Pop Art movement of the early 1960s, Corita Kent's paintings feature a variety of soft brushstrokes. The diversity of her works combined with contemporary advertising images and slogans, popular song lyrics, biblical verses, and literature. Urge the public to think about social issues such as poverty, racism, and injustice. Corita Kent believes that art can become a tool for dialogue, reflection, and change. Through art, she conveys the message of love and peace to the world, and it has become a profound force to comfort people in the turbulent years of the 5-60s in the United States.

Blackwing VOL.93 is a limited edition pen that pays homage to Corita Kent's philosophy of slowing down and finding gratitude in everyday life. The design was inspired by her most iconic installation art - Rainbow Swash. The snow-white pen body matched with the same color ferrule and eraser, and each of the six iridescent colors has a neat brushstroke, just like a gorgeous rainbow flower ornament blooming in hand.

Own a Blackwing VOL.93 and think of the Rainbow Swash along on Interstate 93 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as if you were holding the world's largest copyrighted artwork.

*This limited edition sells in a box of 12 pieces, which are not allowed to sell individually. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to the matter..
*If the body of the pen and the eraser ferrule have little scratches are normal. Buyers who pursue the perfect quality of goods are recommended to buy at the store.


20cm (eraser included)
Pencil lead
The eraser is replaceable

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