BLACKWING Volume 651 (limited edition)


Although the action movie has made him famous, Bruce Lee - the master of Martial Arts, his profound martial thoughts and philosophy have raised martial arts to a great level and can even use in life challenges. Jeet Kune Do, regarded as martial arts philosophy, can be described as Bruce Lee's most outstanding achievement in life.

The art of Jeet Kune Do, designed for fighting, lies in simplification. Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation, taking as much physical learning as possible to perceive and understand the impact of external changes. All ideas that follow the trend can also become life's way.

VOL.651 is a limited edition of Blackwing's tribute to the martial arts legend Bruce Lee. The black and yellow straight strips are inspired by Jeet Kune Do, developing a simple and direct appearance. The number 651 is derived from the house number of S. Weller Street in Xiyatu, where Bruce Lee founded the first martial arts school.

Write the future ambition with Blackwing VOL.651, and remembrance the martial arts essence and philosophy left by Bruce Lee.

*We will offer the limited paper box if you order twelve pencils in the same order.
*If the body of the pen and the eraser ferrule have little scratches are normal. Buyers who pursue the perfect quality of goods are recommended to buy at the store.


20cm (eraser included)
Pencil lead
The eraser is replaceable

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