TOOLS to LIVEBY Pencil Topper Pocket Clip Set


In the United States in the 1950s, it became popular for companies to use stationery as an image propaganda medium. Whether it was beverages, beer, salt, food and feed, industrial manufacturing, or even professional unions, they followed suit and printed the brand logo on pencil topper pocket clip. The pencil topper pocket clip is with both convenience and practicality. In the process of frequent use, in addition to enhancing corporate visibility, it also increases people's good impression of the brand. The pencil clip used as a promotional gift can not only glimpse the image of American brands in the early years but also add the commercial marketing function to stationery, which adds a new page to the history of stationery.

To pay tribute to the unique historical significance of stationery in this era, Tools to Liveby create the vintage pencil clips, which hope to continue the beautiful things in the past. The five original brand image designs inherit the retroelements, and each has its styles. The Slogan printed on them are simple but have far-reaching meanings.

At the moment when your thoughts turned into words, let the retro pencil clips decorate your pencils and accompany your daily life.

***Suitable for pencils with a diameter of 0.7 cm.

***We recommend that to put on the pencil clip from the pen tip. If you find that the pencil clip is not going well when the pushing up, please remove it and adjust the width of the pencil clip with pliers to avoid scratching the pencil surface.

***Can use pliers to open the pencil clip slightly to insert a thicker pencil. However, the pencil clip surface will damage, and it's hard to recover back after doing that. Your understanding would be much appreciated.


W0.75cm x L3.9cm
5pcs included

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