Zenith Plier Staplers 591 Fun


Zenith 591 measured 15.5cm in length, slightly bigger than average staplers. Unlike the average stapler which is force by the thumb, the 591 stapler is forced effortless by the hand with the concept of pliers, having longer handle for better lever.
Perfect for all kinds of uses, light, handy and effortless to use, loading capacity up to 200 staples (No. 10 type); there are a variety of colours available for the cap, including the transparent one.

Metal body and mechanical parts
ABS anti-shock plastic cap
Lead free enamel painting highly resisting wear and corrosion

Each Zenith 591 stapler comes with a box of "Zenith" staples ref, and can be use with any size 10 staples in the market.

Brand Zenith

15.6cm x 9.2cm

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