RHODIA X WAKAZE Rising Sun Notebook (WAKAZE Wine Label Edition)


WAKAZE, established in Yamagata, Japan in 2016. It not only put up with exports of Japanese sake but uses local water and rice to make local sake that blends with customs, creating a world of locally-made and locally-drinkable sake. This fantastic concept of WAKAZE quietly gave birth to the grand vision of Japanese sake becoming the sake around the world, and THE CLASSIC sake, launched in 2019, is a delicious wine made in the suburbs of Paris, France due to this chance.

The Rhodia Rising Sun notebook is a joint product of Rhodia and the Japanese brewery WAKAZE. The famous Rhodia Mountain Logo also presents unique changes for this limited edition. The red sun between the mountains represents the joint image of Japanese and French brands. The waving flag version representing France on the left and Japan on the right symbolized the fusion of French spirit and Japanese culture. The geometric version with overlapping red and blue colors is based on the concept of the WAKAZE wine label, which symbolizes THE CLASSIC sake produced in Paris. It is a perfect combination of Japanese and French wine genes. The gridlines on the inner pages of the notebook use a light red color, which is the color of Marunouchi in Japan, and it is also the eternal spiritual symbol of Japan.

*Japan-exclusive limited edition, there won't be stock available while sold out.

Brand Rhodia

9cm x 12.5cm
5mm Squared / 80 sheets

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