Mino Lacework Paper Notebook


Attractive pattern designed by Hiroko Takahashi is inspired from the number 3, 1, 2, and 0. This paper came into its perfection by choosing ideal raw materials to express its delicate pattern, and constantly adjusting the balance of its thickness and transparency. The lacework paper, perfectly balanced yet fine, is now proudly presented.

Smooth and thin, yet strong, Mino watermark’s making procedures differ from those of common watermark, as it uses the technique of simultaneously making patterned paper and plain paper, and joining them into one piece. In 3120 original Watermark paper, techniques and patterns has beautifully harmonized with the backbone of the tradition of Mino Paper (Mino Washi). The front page of this notebook is flat and smooth, and the back of the paper has a different texture. You can choose your favorite side to write.

*European countries are out of the delivery areas for this item.

Brand Mino

:21cm × 10.5cm

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