Hightide Attaché Marbled Memo Pad


The Hightide Attaché marble memo pad, which is easy to carry and record, is designed with an 80s marble pattern as the cover, presenting a low-key and elegant atmosphere. The memo's inner pages are made of Japanese "OK FOOLS" writing paper with excellent writing quality due to thin and smooth, which also has excellent ink absorption and can leave clear handwriting. It is suitable for fountain pens,rollerball pens, ball pens, brushes, and other writing tools. The gridlines on the inner pages are manually typeset and printed by letterpress printing. The phenomenon of printing and ink bleeding makes each internal page unique, which fully reflects the craftsmen's exquisite skills.

In a leisurely afternoon, let the pen tip slide over the Hightide Attaché marbled memo pad's paper surface and enjoy a luxurious writing time.

Brand Hightide

11.8cm x 15.5cm
Squared / 50 sheets

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