Field Notes x Wilco Box Set


The world needs more love than hate.

Established in 1994, from Chicago, the indie rock band Wilco announce their new album Ode to Joy in 2019. Field Notes co-authored with hometown band Wilco, introducing six notebooks box set. Each notebook was created freely by Wilco's six musicians. It reflected its passion and ideas for art in a new field, creating a colorful and enthusiastic notebook.

As an indie band and niche notebook brand, Field Notes and Wilco hope that the bright colors of this notebook will stimulate the user's creativity and spread their love and passion. The inner page of the Dot-Graph can record the lyrics, notes, and to-do lists. Write down it no matter what, it may become the inspiration for future creation.

Brand Field Notes

Notebook Size
9cm x 14cm
48 pages
6pcs in 1 set

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