Field Notes National Park Limited Edition Notebook (Joshua Tree)


The National Park was established to protect natural scenery, historical sites and wildlife, providing people with a relaxing enjoyment while keeping them from damage and passing on generations. The Field Notes national parks notebooks collaborate with a number of artists to present the most famous views of each national park, and Field Notes donates a portion of each sale to the National Park Service to help maintain America's most beautiful assets.

Each book features a brief history of the park on its inside back cover, a spot for the official National Park Passport Stamp on the inside front cover. The graph inner pages make it easy to record your plans, routes, notes, and memories.

In the 19th century, Mormons traveled through the Mohave Desert and saw the yucca brevifolia in the desert, as if they saw Joshua's movements to heaven, so they were named after Joshua. The Joshua Tree National Park is only a two-hour drive from Los Angeles. In recent years, many brand advertisements have been known for this filming and the U2 album The Joshua Tree. In addition to Joshua Tree and Cactus Garden, the park's more than 250 species of bird ecology make this park a paradise for bird lovers.

Brand Field Notes

14cm x 8.9cm

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