Field Notes Limited Edition Notebook (mile marker)


Since its construction in 1956, Interstate highway system has spread across the United States, with a total length of more than 77,000 kilometers and continues to expand, making it one of the most complete road systems in the world.

Field Notes mile marker notebooks use this system as the design concept. The cover or material is in accordance with the regulations of the US Traffic Control Equipment Manual. The outer frame is stamped with holographic crown foil, like the vest worn by the road crew. The inner page of the square origin is convenient for positioning, and can be used to plan and record the road trip.

  • The red and blue color design is the most common symbol of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, representing the main roads. The five-star pattern represents the rank of President Eisenhower during the World War II, commemorating the president’s vigorous promotion of road construction.

  • The United States has a vast territory, and the highway system is spread all over the country. It will inevitably conflict with the local creatures. Don't forget to slow down when you see the yellow warning sign, pay attention to the road conditions, and respect the creatures living in this land.

  • The green industrial road sign is the most commonly sign color in the world. When you see the arrow pointing to the upper right corner, you know that the destination is finally here. The long journey is finally over.

Brand Field Notes

14cm x 8.9cm

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