Field Notes Dahlia Limited Notebook


As early as the 10th century, Dahlia patterns were used on paper as special patterns. Until the 17th century, Europe introduced this technology from Asia and applied it to the backing paper at the beginning and end of the book.

Field Notes 40th limits the notebook that use Dahlia patterns in classic memo notebooks. In collaboration with contemporary Dahlia pattern artists Sevim Surucu and Cary Suneja, the classical patterns "Schrottel" and "Antique Straight" from the University of Washington are reproduced.

The midnight blue and forest green cover are printed with the brand name in gravure. The top page uses different formats on both sides. The blank page on the left can record the observed things in the form of an illustration. The horizontal line on the right is convenient to write neatly.

Brand Field Notes

17.7cm x 9cm

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