Delfonics Rollbahn Notebook (A5)

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The Delfonics Rollbahn is popular for its simple and distinctive design.

It is the first Delfonics notebook to draw the inner page style in cover color. The horizontal line style is divided into yellow cover, and the grid style of the blue cover. The cream color paper is a good choice for eye health. The cover use highly durable transparent resin as the cover film. There are three creases on the cover page, which makes it easy to fold the cover back and add cardboard on the bottom. You can record it everywhere!The relatively low-key style of the Rollbahn series makes him more suitable for business scenarios, as meeting memos and creative notes, with a variety of features that are convenient and practical.

Brand Delfonics

14.8cm × 21cm x 0.6cm
Yellow 5mm Horizontal line / blue 5mm Grid

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