Antoinette Poisson Domino Notebook (Tison)


The notebook derived from the perfume series is based on the love story of Madame de Pompadour and King Louis XV. The book cover is Domino paper, and the inner pages are thick cream-colored paper with a golden frame. The inspiration of the repeating flame design is from the traditional pattern of domino paper. The warm and quiet fireplace firewood crackles and the scorching embers symbolize that the flames of Madame de Pompadour's life are still burning.

Handcrafted dominoterie originated in the 18th century. The metal blocks with painted flowers or geometric patterns embossed on hand-made paper, painted and colored by hand or template to become domino paper. The domino paper with complicated craft and charming designs used initially for covering books, wrapping boxes, or lining paper for furniture cabinets. In the 19th century, domino paper extended to wall wallpapers or screens. Whether in the French folk or aristocracy, the flourishing development of domino paper attributed to the admiration of the Marquise of Versailles and art connoisseur-Madame de Pompadour. Her longing for a better life and ultimate elegant taste have contributed to this exquisite craft. However, this technique gradually declined as industrialization drove the use of a large amount of printing paper. Until Antoinette Poisson's inheritance and development, it can be called the Renaissance of Domino hand-made paper.

Brand Antoinette Poisson

14cm x 21cm x 1.4cm
Plain/160 pages
Vellum paper/Cream colored(120 g/m2)

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