365 Notebook PRO (A4)


Good inspiration should be written down immediately and you can better organize ideas on paper. The Pro series created for professionals. To inspire more inspiration, the notebook with eight type shitajiki. Help record your changes in inspiration, expand your minds infinitely, and produce perfect results.

Practical format:
1, 2mm grid, easy to write graphic and neat.
2, cabinet, suitable for drawing three-dimensional chart
3, spider web map, suitable for record inspiration
4, Dots, create things freely

Creativity format:
1, ripple, broaden thoughts
2, wind at your back, evolutionary thinking
3, chess board, unified ideas
4, spiral, thinking concentrated

365 notebook uses calendar paper as the inner page. Due to the ultra-thin paper, the notebook has more pages than other brands, but it is lighter and more portable. In addition, both sides of the paper have different textures, the smooth frontal is suitable for ballpoint pens and pencils. The rougher backside is suitable for writing with fountain pens. The smooth surface has a high stamping success rate. It not only can completely retain the pattern, but also fully presented the original ink color which is highly praised by rubber Stamp collector.

Brand 365 Notebook

29.7cm x 21cm x 0.55cm
100 pages
cover / Satogami
Inner pages / Calendar paper
with four double-sided shitajiki

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