365 Notebook FP

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In recent years, the fountain pen has revived a wave of handwriting. The 365 FP series can definitely meet your needs for fountain pen writing paper. Contrary to other series, the front of FP series paper is a rough type paper, which enhances the user's feeling when writing with the fountain pens. The text will not only won’t produce burrs, but also fully express the original color of the ink, let your imagination become reality.

365 notebook uses calendar paper as the inner page. Due to the ultra-thin paper, the notebook has more pages than other brands, but it is lighter and more portable. The smooth surface has a high stamping success rate. It not only can completely retain the pattern, but also fully presented the original ink color which is highly praised by rubber Stamp collector.

365 notebook is the brand of SHINIPPON CALENDAR, a 100-year-old company of Japan. Since its established in 1922, it has continued to focus on the calendar, and has accompanied most Japanese families. Due to the long-standing and trusting relationship with customers, the 365 notebook quickly became a Japanese love brand.

Brand 365 Notebook

10.5cm x 14.8cm x 2cm
cover / Satogami
Inner pages / Calendar paper
with one vertical-ruled / grid double-sided shitajiki

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