Penco Leader Tape Dispenser (S)

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The appearance of Penco tape dispenser is simple and sophisticated. The tape dispenser is made of steel which can prevent itself from being rusty and having marks. There are holes on the bottom of the tape dispenser, and you can use screws to fix it on the wall. There are 2 sizes available: S and L, and S size can be used for masking tapes. There are 4 colors available: ivory, red, navy blue and green.

*The tape is not included in the product.
*The non-slip sticker might peel off owing to the environment and frequency of use.
*Please tear off the blue covering on the blade before using.

Brand Penco

9.5cm x 4.2cm x 3cm
The tape dispenser is available for the tape of width 2cm, thickness 1.5cm, and the roll core diameter is 5cm. / A non-slip sticker is included.

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