TTLB x Moments Bottle Inks / Limited Edition


Designed by TOOLS to LIVEBY and crossed over with Japanese brand Moments Company, this bottle inks transfer the beauty of nature in Taiwan into unique ink colors, shows Taiwan's plentiful and profound natural beauty. Writing with these ink, as if personally visited beautiful Formosa. Specially designed copper nail paper box, printed with classic TOOLS to LIVEBY logo, both to be gift wrapping or to storage the desktop small things are suitable, retro glass bottle body let simple design the more special.

  • Spoonbill black – this elegant black, taken from the beak of the black-faced dancer, the comprehensive conservation plan enables the black-faced spoonbill, one of the globally endangered species, to comfortably spend the winter in peace on the warm Tainan coast, attracting many bird-lovers to see the rare habitat.

  • Taiwan quinoa red - The small seed breeding countless life. Taiwan’s red clams, which are known as cereal rubies symbolize the blessings for the aborigines. They are the staple food for the aborigines for centuries. It is said that with the red clams walk through the rainbow bridge can make a good life. Red with a slight coffee color, brings out a unique charm.

  • Sacred tree brown - Standing in Chiayi Alishan, the towering sacred tree experiences numerous changes day and night, each symbolizing the constant life. The quiet brown was taken from the tree trunk, as if it had been infused with phytoncide, and emanated from the forest.

  • Abies kawakamii blue – a mysterious blue, derived from the blue-purple cones of Taiwan Abies. The round and lovely cones add color to a lush forest landscape. Growing at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, lots of Taiwan Abies form a "black forest" in Xue Mountain, and people who have seen the black forest can't forget the magnificent scene.

  • Rocky coast navy – Has four spring-like good climate, Hengchun is adjacent to the Taiwan Strait in the west and the Bashi Strait in the south. Blend of different sea tides give birth to the rich coral
    reef ecosystem. The waves lapped the shore, just like the psalms of eternal recitations.

  • Jushan green – Jushan is Taiwan's tea plantation at low altitude. The dense green from landscape of the tea garden, such as the tea soup is refreshing. With a cup of good tea, writing some
    sentence with marvelous ink, let’s experience the beauty of tea leaf in the mist and clouds.

Brand Tools to Liveby

box / 7.2cm x 5.3cm x Deep7.2cm
Bottle / 7cm x 5.2cm x Deep7cm
glass / box:paper

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