Kakimori X Jay Cover Pigment Ink (limited)

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A limited edition colour mixed by illustrator and artist Jay Cover, inspired by the classic British condiment. The English mustard he loves and the color from his favorite rug.

Jay created the two colours to be a complementary pair: a purplish blue - Cross stitch blue, and a muted yellow - English mustard.

The vibrant cool blue can be used for linework like black. He often works with black lines on white, and that he tried to create a pair of similarly complementary colours.

Jay draws with simple black lines to portray people, scenes and characters with a humorous sensibility. He creates work for diverse projects spanning publication, visual identity and packaging, and is a lecturer at a London art school.
One of Jay's iconic works is the design of the Isle of Man's official stamps — the first to be issued with the approval of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The package features a foil-stamped illustration exclusive to this limited edition. The charming image of a smiling writer was selected from the many sketches Jay made.

*The sticker will be selected at random and shipped.
*Shake bottle well before use.
*Suitable for fountain pen and nib pen.
*Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
*Ink color may vary due to screen settings, the actual product shall prevail.

Brand Kakimori

H4.8 x Ø5.8 cm
7.3 x 6.5 x H5.3 cm

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