Hightide Attaché Marbled Fountain Pen


Hightide Attaché marbled fountain pen has a beautiful and charming marble pattern. The acrylic pen body presents a rich and changeable stone pattern with light refracted from different angles, revealing an understated and gorgeous texture. The exquisite 24K gold-plated nib provides a smooth writing feel. The small size and the design with a pen clip are easy to carry when going out. Putting on the pen cover can also provide a sense of stability when writing. This pen has an elegant appearance and excellent writing quality, allowing users to feel elegance in their daily lives.

*There is no specialized fountain pen ink cartridge for this pen. Please purchase a European specifications cartridge instead for replacement.
*The new color red one is limited edition, while stocks sell last.

Brand Hightide

Diameter 1.3cm x L10.3cm
Nib Size
Acrylic and Special Alloy(tip)

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