SUNSTAR Ninipie Double Head Pen


The double-headed design combining the highlighter and the needle pen is the creative ingenuity of SUNSTAR to give the functional pen. The pen's different tips are in the same place; when using, turn the pen body easily, you can switch between two pen styles freely. Whether taking notes or studying, it is more convenient and efficient.

*The color of the green double-headed highlighter pens is pink, and the color of the purple double-headed highlighter pen is grey. The leftover double-ended highlighter pens is the same as that of the needle-filled ones.

Brand Other

Diameter 1.2cm x Length 14cm
Pen Nib
Highlighter Colour
Pink, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Green, Purple/Water-based
PP,Polycarbonate and Polyoxymethylene-Copolymer