Midori Color Pens Set (Green Field)

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Midori's coloring pen set was specially developed for the Hand Painting Stamps and Rotation Stamps. The water-based pigments that are not easy to penetrate the paper surface will not cause smudging of the seal color. The convenient dual-tip design eliminates the need for additional writing color pens, making drawing notes more effective. You can select three coloring pen sets with different moods and themes. In addition to making essays more colorful, you can also feel the joy of free creation.

*Vigorous shaking or dropping of the pen may cause ink bleeding or ink-jetting. Please use it with caution.

*After use, please close the cap tightly to prevent the ink from drying out, and do not use it for purposes other than drawing or writing.

Brand Midori

Package Size
16.2cm x 6.3cm x 1.2cm
Pen Size
Diameter 1cm x Length 16cm
Pen Nib
Forest green, Olive green, Mustard yellow, Citrus orange, Rose pink, Cappuccino brown/Water-based

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