PAPYRUS Wakan Sansai Zue 2020 Calendar Set

NT$900 NT$1,200

In 1712, Dr. Terajima Ryōan of Japan published the encyclopedia with drawings "Wakan Sansai Zue". With reference to China's first encyclopedia "Sancai Tuhui", a large volume of 105 volumes, The content includes crafts, animals and plants, constellations, legends, etc., and the simple and elegant woodcut depicts the lifestyle of the Edo period. The calendar set includes a base to stand the calendar on the desktop. In addition, a mini notebook is included for easy recording of New Year's events.

Located at the foot of Yatsugae Mountain in Kitakami City, Yamanashi Prefecture, PAPYRUS is a stationery store that sells notebooks, books, minerals, museum books, etc., and creates unique products in life. It is a handmade way to make every product in a dreamlike environment, selling dreams for every traveler.


5.5cm x 9.1cm

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