TOUCH & FLOW Ex Libris (Bird House)

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When relief printing was not yet widespread in the Middle Ages, books were regarded as noble and luxurious private collections. Therefore, a small paper card with the owner's portrait or identity badge is attached to the title page of each book for identification to claim personal ownership, which is the origin of the bookplate and has circulated in Europe for centuries. The collection bookplate with exquisite images is like a small print, and its irreplaceable artistic value is still being collected and exchanged by art collectors today.

In the TOUCH & FLOW collection of bookplates, all of them decorate with delicate European-style drawing style patterns. When you look carefully, they are as if you are in the ancient middle century with a slightly mysterious atmosphere, which is infinitely fascinating.

Paste the bookplate on the inside of the book cover, the file box, the facade, or the gift box to create your unique object identification, and let the things you love around you belong to yourself.

The bird's nest portrays meticulously on the bookplate, which symbolizes the owner's complete care for the birds. Can the carefully crafted bird's nest become a permanent home for the love birds who yearn for freedom?


10cm x 6cm
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11cm x 7cm x 0.7cm
10 pcs included in one set
24g (package included)

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