PAPYRUS The Herball Envelope & Card (golden marigold)


In 1597, the British doctor John Gerard published the book the herball, or, generall historie of plantes. More than 1,800 plant illustrations in the book were hand-printed in woodcut prints. The exquisite content made this book the most popular botanical book in the 17th century. PAPYRUS the herball Postcards imitate the way of drawing in the past, hand-printed in woodcut prints, and reproduce many classic illustrations in the book.

Located at the foot of Yatsugae Mountain in Kitakami City, Yamanashi Prefecture, PAPYRUS is a stationery store that sells notebooks, books, minerals, museum books, etc., and creates unique products in life. It is a handmade way to make every product in a dreamlike environment, selling dreams for every traveler.


6.7cm x 4.4cm

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