PAPYRUS Cosmographia Envelope & Card (11)


Since the beginning of modern cartography, there are 142 maps from Sebastian Münster. A multi-disciplinary field of mathematicians, Sebastian Münster spent more than 29 years writing the best-selling book, Cosmographia. Dedicated to depicting people all ok in the 17th century. PAPYRUS the herball Postcards imitate the way of drawing in the past, hand-printed in woodcut prints, and reproduce many classic illustrations in the book.

Located at the foot of Yatsugae Mountain in Kitakami City, Yamanashi Prefecture, PAPYRUS is a stationery store that sells notebooks, books, minerals, museum books, etc., and creates unique products in life. It is a handmade way to make every product in a dreamlike environment, selling dreams for every traveler.


6.7cm x 4.4cm

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