Midori 3D Congratulation Card ( Blessing )

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Combining the card with the cash gift bag is Midori's delicate creativity for greeting cards. Exquisite aluminum foil embossing makes the pattern more textured. The three-dimensional pop-up design is pleasantly surprising. Use the enclosed paper and paper bag to write the words and put the money. Let relatives and friends feel full of blessings.

Let the magpie and the beautiful bouquet tied with a big bowknot to celebrate in the happy moment.

*The card includes pocket card x 1pcs, message paper card x 1pcs, and envelope x 1pcs.

Brand Midori

Pocket Card
18.9 cm x 8.8 cm
Size when opened
38 cm x 8.8 cm
19.7 cm x 9.8 cm

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