Midori Brass Ball Point Pen (limited edition/factory green)


When walking into an old factory, we are always attracted by the green on the facade and the shelf. This mottled green is what Midori calls factory green. Midori is proud of its production base for manufacturing paper products over the years, and also brings new life to the brass series writing instruments, with the unique beauty of factory green and matched with timeless classic brass.

The ballpoint pen with brass and wooden shaft body has a warm grip. Also, it can write smoothly on various papers. The ring at the pen top can hang the string, with the side pen holder can be freely loaded and unloaded as well, which is increasing the flexibility of application. Last but not least, the unique pen body storage design is easy to carry out. As brass accumulates more vibrate colours over the years, it also feels the practicality and the convenience of the ball pen, to change the writing habits of modern times.

  • The Midori brass series are all hand-made by Japanese artisans. Some scratches on the surface are normal. Kindly shop at the store if you have particular concerns.

Brand Midori

Diameter 1.1cm x Length 9.9cm
Wood / Brass

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