Nendo x Zebra bLen Ballpoint Pen


Introduced by Japanese design studio Nendo and stationery brand Zebra, this stationery is designed to provide a smooth writing experience for the subtle movements in writing. This ballpoint pen is internally provided with a fixture to prevent internal parts from swaying and to eliminate noise during writing. In order to improve the stability of the pen, a brass counterweight is added near the nib, and the low center of gravity allows the nib to be in closer contact with the paper, reducing irregular movement during writing.

"Everything has hidden highlights behind the scenes. People often ignore them. Although these details are inconspicuous, they are always a little fun to make people smile and make life richer."
In 2002, the nendo Design Studio was established in Tokyo. In just ten years, the studio has already become a new generation of superstars in the design world. Founder Oki Sato is the most sought-after designer. nendo Named from Japanese clay, Sato's design is like clay, free, creative, and close to the crowd, simple and friendly.

"I think there are two kinds of designers, which are divided into chefs and housewives. I am like a grandmother who loves to cook. Instead of bringing food, I visit other people's homes and choose materials from their refrigerators to make original dishes. "
Simplicity is the foundation of Japanese design. Lightness, simplicity, and functionality are the common language of Japanese design, and nendo Design Studio is no exception. However, excessive simplicity often alienates the work from people. Therefore, Sato adds unique spices to the design, injecting humorous qualities into design, and letting the cold design have feelings.

The design makes life and simplicity contain small ingenuity. This is the taste of Sato's cuisine. It is also the concept of nendo design: always keep curiosity about everything in the world and look for ! moments hidden in our everyday

*The blue pen body is blue ink and the rest are black ink.

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1cm x 1.5cm x 14.5cm

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