TRAVELER'S notebook Starter Kits (Passport Size)


TRAVELER'S notebook now have a starter's kit of Passprot size.
In a way, it is a passport into the journey of your life. Traveling abroad, you get a stamp on your passport. Moving forward in the journey of your life, you can write down your experiences in this passport-sized notebook. It comes in a package which contains the cowhide cover, simple, blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band (of different color).

Brand TRAVELER’S notebook

Leather Cover
13.4cm x 10.5cm x 1cm
12.4cm x 9cm
Cotton Bag
15.3cm x 12cm
Blank notebook
80 pages / 12.4cm x 8.9cm, DP Paper
Spare Rubber Band
Red (15026006 Black), Orange (15027006 Brown)

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