TRAVELER'S notebook Starter Kits - Camel (Regular Size)


TRAVELER'S notebook (the Camel Edition) which collaborated with Star Ferry to celebrate the 5th anniversary is now on sale again. TRAVELER'S notebook adjusted the color and the texture of the leather and made it a normal pattern like black and brown.
Each Traveler's notebook is handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand with leather cover that ages with time.
“TRAVELER’S notebook” is a notebook that for people to live through their lives as a traveler. It’s not just a notebook used for traveling.
It's good for not only recording the episodes of travel, but also for daily life and work, thanks to its design of easy changing inner pages. The replaceable inner pages are made with MD PAPER produced in Japan, providing comfortable writing experience.
It comes in a package which contains the cowhide cover, a blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band (of different color).

Brand TRAVELER’S notebook

Leather Cover
21.8cm x 13cm
21cm x 11cm
Cotton Bag
24cm x 15cm
Blank notebook
64 pages / 21cm x 11cm, DP Paper
Spare Rubber Band

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