TRAVELER'S notebook Starter Kits - Blue (Regular Size)


New regular color is deep blue similar to indigo dye or blue black ink and reminiscent of an azure blue sky just before dawn. From TRAVELER'S notebook, the Blue Edition, limited color is only available in 2015. It goes perfectly with PAN AM series accessories.

Introducing plain refill paper produced in Japan with great care using Designphil’s original writing paper designed for maximum writability, inside a plain-texture cowhide cover made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can couple your favorite type of notebook refill with a Zipper Case or Pen Holder (sold separately) to increase storage space or expand use. Minimalist design allows you to easily customize your notebook by adding charm and beads into the rubber band or bookmark string. You can also stick your favorite stickers or used post stamps onto your refill notebook cover. By customizing your notebook cover and refill in your own way, you will enjoy filling your notebook and cherishing the leather texture for many years to come.

Brand TRAVELER’S notebook

Leather Cover
21.8cm x 13cm
21cm x 11cm
Cotton Bag
24cm x 15cm
Blank notebook
64 pages / 21cm x 11cm, DP Paper
Spare Rubber Band
Light brown

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