TRAVELER'S notebook B-sides & Rarities - Refill Super Lightweight Paper (Regular Size)


Vinyl records, which were popular in the 1950s and 1980s, were the primary medium for expanding the music market. Vinyl records that rotate 45 per minute and can play on both sides, which use to put mainstream best-selling songs on side A and some experimental works that are close to the heart of the creator include side B. The creators can express their most self-conscious music more freely on the B side of the so-called premium zone; these original songs full of personality, their degree of attention, sometimes even higher than the top songs on the A-side.
TRAVELER'S notebook follows this concept and brings together rare and creative products that have not been officially released for 15 years and are named the B-sides & Rarities series. It would be great if everyone could love it.

The special crisp paper is not easy to penetrate, even if with fountain pen writing. The thin and transparent paper allows both sides of writing to be faintly visible. You could wish to use this feature to create an entirely different funny way of note.

Brand TRAVELER’S notebook

21cm x 11cm x 0.4cm
Oilproof Paper

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