1. Agreement for web site usage

    Welcome to the TOOLS to LIVEBY, we'll provide you information within the following agreements. You need to accept the agreement when visiting the site. Please read the agreement carefully.

    This agreement is applicable between the users and the TOOLS to LIVEBY Ltd. You'll use this web site under the authority of TOOLS to LIVEBY.

    TOOLS to LIVEBY keeps the right to alter the agreement anytime. Your rights are followed by the most updated contents of the agreement when making a purchase or using this site. Please do NOT use this site if you don't agree with the current or altered agreement.

    This agreement is attached under the "privacy policy" of this web site. To avoid any controversy, please follow this agreement when this is conflicting with the "privacy policy." Please contact us through the following method if you have any concerns of your rights in this agreement.

  2. Permit and Log in

    TOOLS to LIVEBY gives you limited authorities to log in and use this site; however, you can't download or modify the site or its partial contents without clear written statement of TOOLS to LIVEBY. This permit doesn't allow to resale or use the web site and any of its contents for business activities; or to collect or use the company's products catalogs, descriptions, and retail prices; or to copy this website and any of its contents; or to use this site's information collections, robots, similar data collections, and collecting tools. Any activities of copy, sale, resale, interview, and business with this web site and its contents are not permitted without a clear written agreement of TOOLS to LIVEBY. Any forms of copy towards the company's trademark, logo, ownership of information (including graphics, words, web site composing, and forms) and its relating company (including mother company and its subsidiary) are not permitted without a clear written agreement of TOOLS to LIVEBY. TOOLS to LIVEBY will terminate your permits or authorities for any arrogation.

  3. Trademark and Service Trademark

    Unless describe separately, all the names, figures, designs, logos, web titles, icons, words, trademarks, business appearances and service names are owned by TOOLS to LIVEBY and its authorizers, sponsors, or suppliers and protected under the trademark law. The trademark of TTLB can't be used with any possible ways of making confusion, slander or damage to the reputation of TTLB.

    TOOLS to LIVEBY and its logo are trademarks belong to TOOLS to LIVEBY and its related corporations without any restrictions. Infringement acts towards any TTLB trademark is not permitted.

  4. Copyrights

    All the contents of this site, including any related attached materials are belong to TTLB and its authorizers, and protected by the copyright law and/or the patent of appearance design. Beside the personal non profitable usages, you can't use, display, copy, forward, alter, spread, sale, publish, create derivatives, broadcast, or issue all or partial contents of the web site through emails or any other ways. Any of the product designs can't be used without the clear written agreement of TTBL.

  5. Products of the company

    TTLB tries to be as accurate as possible for products descriptions. However, we can't guarantee the product and price descriptions or other contents in this site are accurate, complete, reliable, the newest and mistakes free.

  6. Disclaimer and limited responsibility

    This web site and its information contained are provided based on the current conditions and basis. TTLB has no declaration or guarantee of any forms of clear indication or hint for this web site's operation, related information, contents, materials or products shown. You clearly agreed that you take your own risks for using this web site. Within the permitted range under the law, TTLB has the right to deny all the clearly indicated or hinted guarantees, including but not limited to guarantee for marketability and applicability towards certain specified purpose. TTLB doesn't guarantee that all emails sent don't contain virus, harmful contents or mistakes. TTLB takes no responsibilities for any including but not limited direct, indirect, fortuitous, punitive and corresponding damages by using the web site. TTLB won't take responsibility exceeding NTD 500 for any issues relating to this web site, agreement and the privacy policy.

  7. Privacy Issues

    We work hard to follow the related law of protecting personal information, the company's privacy policy, management and protection towards users' privacy. This web site ensures to secure members privacy. Your personal information will only be used by TTLB for your orders and management of members' information, or member's promotion for a more friendly service quality and new shopping experience under the "Personal Information Protecting Law." Only the basic information need to be used when having an internal or joint marketing activity.

    You can change your personal information (name, address, phone number, and email) with your account and password once you have registered to become a member to this web site. Besides, we request you to provide personal information including basic information: name, address, phone number, email and shopping records for creating a complete membership management system where all information are store securely in the data base. Meanwhile, anyone who need to access the data base need to be under the company's authorization; without the authorization, no one can use any of the personal information. Only the authorized people can use the data base to inform shoppers for any information of purchase, payment, and delivery. We also use your basic information as the confirmation for your shopping qualification. We'll send new product or event information to you irregularly, so please unsubscribe through the membership center if you don’t want to receive any TTLB emails.

  8. Proper Law and Jurisdiction

    This agreement follows and manages under the construction of the Republic of China's law. In case of any conflict occurs, you and TTLB agree to follow the exclusive proper law and law of the Republic of China.

  9. Force Majeure

    TTLB doesn't take any responsibility for any delay or unable to fulfill an obligation with any factors exceeding the controllable range. These factors included but not limited to: natural disasters, wars, terrorisms, charges levy under the laws and politic policies, and shortage of supplies and services. TTLB may postpones the delivery and doesn’t take the corresponding responsibility with the effects of these factors, but TTLB will refund the customers with corresponding fees if these factors cause the cancellation of not yet dispatch products.

  10. General Agreement

    Continuing to use this web site means you have agreed and understand the user agreements and agreed to follow and restricted by them. No alteration or change can be made to the agreement without written agreement of TTLB. It doesn't mean TTLB has gave up the right to deal with the consequences and similar violation even though TTLB doesn't have the right to handle your and others violations against the agreement.

    You and your organization need to bear the regulated duties in this agreement jointly and separately if you act as the agent of an organization (including representing your employer).

    If the court figures that any part of the agreement is invalid, illegal or not executable, then the part will be deducted; however, the rest of the agreement still remains valid and compulsory executable with the largest range of permission under the law. If you have any concern regards to this agreement, please write to