Penco Storage Container Pen Case


Penco's ultra-popular plastic storage style has launched a pencil case series. The suitable size is suitable for perfect packing of small stationery and tools. Moreover, the flat height is easy to put in the drawer. Even if it is placed on the desk, it can be harmoniously integrated into the living space without being abrupt and cluttered. The series maintains the existing box cover label design and color options for easy recording and distinguishing of the contents. The inside of the cover can also past stickers or colored notes to add an interesting sense. Using imagination to create a unique and convenient storage box for yourself.

*Please be noted that the position of the label might have a little inaccuracy.
*The connection part of the cover and the item itself is thin, and it might deteriorate after it is overused. The container might break when you improperly press it. Therefore, plase kindly use it carefully.

Brand Penco

18.7cm x 6.9cm x 2.7cm

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