Delfonics KUGEL Outdoor Style Storage Bag (s)

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A new type of briefcase was born in the digital age!Tablet PCs, mobile phones, and stationery were taken with you. The transparent surface allows the user to easily find the items they need, and can check for missing items at any time. The seemingly flat storage bag can hold items of 1.5 cm thickness, with a military grade that can withstand seven times the weight of nylon. The strength of nylon material, even if it can be loaded with a large number of supplies, do not have to worry about the damage of the storage bag!

Carefully choose your favorite personal items to travel lightly, a small notebook, a favorite pen, a digital camera, can be used with the purchase of a rope to change the storage bag turned into a side bag.

Brand Delfonics

21 cm x 15 cm x 2cm
CORDURA Ballistic® fabric / PVC
This storage bag has no attached rope / One Back Pocket

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