Delfonics Buro Wood Pattern Covered Box (m)


With walnut grain as a decorative pattern, its vivid wood striation, showing the integration of indoor environment and creating a harmonious desktop landscape. The use of hand-smooth PVC material, which is widely used by interior design. M size can be easily stored A5 size documents.

Stationery that frees your creativity - Delfonics is one of the most respected stationery brands in Japan. Delfonics designed many stationery and office supplies with modern style since it was founded in 1988. With refined and elegant products, Delfonics swept all the stationery lovers. The brand spirit of Delfonics is simple but elegant. Its products show the fusions of details and quality. TOOLStoLIVEBY is committed to finding the world's classic and distinctive stationery, changing the landscape on your desk, we recommend Delfonics is a must-have option.

Brand Delfonics

17.7cm × 27.2cm × 7cm

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