Il Bisonte Thin Long Clip


It is made from plant-derived tannins and has the natural aroma of leather. The leather has a unique color with the time of use. It is like telling your own story.

Il Bisonte was founded in 1970 in Florence, Italy. All the goods are hand-made in the brand factory. Each leather piece is craftsman's love for leather and passion for hand-made craftsmanship.

The leather's skin texure and pattern of the actual pouch received might be different from the picture shown on the web site since all real leathers have their own skin patterns and textures. The actual color of the leather will be based on the product received, so please shop in store if you have any concerns, thank you.

Brand Il Bisonte

19.5 cm x 9 cm x 0.5cm / Width around17cm when open
Cowhide leather
The original color leather parts are recommended sun-dried before use, the color will be darker and is less likely to be stained. Also, to have more texture.

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