pppppins x noodoll Ricespud Pin


This adorable Ricespud potato pin is ready to celebrate your graduation with you! Wearing a graduation cap and holding a little Noodoll star, this is the perfect graduation gift for yourself, or someone else, who is celebrating this big milestone - Ricespud is cheering for you!

pppppins is a brand style of humorous, ironic, and cultural observation, wishing to use a tiny pin to add some color to your ordinary life.
This series is a collaboration with "Noodoll'', a contemporary character-led design brand based in London, integrating the distinctive plush toy characters of the brand. Turn out to this frisky, fun and playful pin, as if reminding us to always keep a pure heart and kindness.

Japan is out of the delivery area.
Random color of the back card will be shipped.

Brand pppppins

2.1cm x 2.9cm
Black nickel zinc alloy pin / soft enamel / Black heart rubber backing clasp

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